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AW189 Monitoring

AW189 Monitoring

Helinalysis and Aerobytes Ltd are delighted to announce that the capability of monitoring .csv files downloaded from AW189 aircraft has now been successfully accomplished and trialed.

All operators looking for HFDM Services on AW189 aircraft need look no further as Helinalysis is now monitoring these aircraft for multiple operators around the world.

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Helinalysis Provides:  Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Services

  • Specialist Consultation Services
  • Fully Hosted Flight Data Analysis Service
  • On Site Flight Data Analysis Service
  • All Helicopter Types included


Fully hosted HFDM services

With anything up to 25 - 30 aircraft there is no doubt it will be more cost effective for you to have a Managed and Fully Hosted HFDM Service.  You will have full access to the system but we will own it and manage every aspect for you, you will benefit from our years of experience through daily notifications of significant events and full trend reports on a monthly basis.


Managed HFDM services

You own the Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring HFDM system but we manage it for you.  Just like a fully hosted system you will benefit from our unique experience, receive daily event alerts and monthly full trend analysis reports


Data capture advice

We can help you determine which equipment will provide the best, most cost effective HFDM (Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring) solution for your helicopters.


 Software selection advice

If you should decide to host and run your own HFDM (Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring) system, we can provide you with the most up to date advice on which software will best fit your requirements..