HeliVibe HUMS Support Services


HeliVibe HUMS Services are the perfect solution for all types of HUMS users, providing a number choices of HUMS support.

For the larger operator, investing in a HUMS infrastructure using their own in-house analyst, or for the smaller operator who may wish to use HeliVibe HUMS Analysis Team to perform HUMS data review, interpretation & management.

HeliVibe Support is a dedicated service designed to deliver highly flexible HUMS support solutions that can be tailored to meet all requirements.



Utilising our years of experience, the HUMS support services are delivered by our HUMS analysts who can review and analyse HUMS data. Any potential problems are notified to the client and recommended maintenance provided to reduce downtime and improve aircraft safety and reliability.

Regardless of fleet size, customers can expect a considerable cost saving in adopting HeliVibe HUMS Services.

The training of staff is time consuming and expensive with HUMS expertise invested into a small number of employees. This expense and dependency on specific staff is removed with the use of the HeliVibe specialists.



There are considerable operational and financial benefits associated with engagement of HeliVibe HUMS Support Services:

  • HeliVibe HUMS Data Analysis
  • No resident HUMS experts needed = Reduction in operational costs
  • Consistency in data analysis
  • 24/7 support available (if required)
  • Reduced maintenance & component life improvement
  • Trend analysis & Fleet analysis performed
  • Simple, secure HUMS data transfer whilst maintaining full access to your aircraft HUMS data
  • Detailed Monthly fleet reports available
  • Auditable electronic download and exceedance clearing forms available



By investing in a HeliVibe HUMS training course, from basic initial or recurrent to more in-depth data analysis, you ensure that your HUMS system is utilised to its fullest potential in your operational environment.

All our courses are tailored to the individual customer needs.

HeliVibe is committed to continuously improving and providing a range of services to meet our Customer requirements.

For additional information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the HeliVibe website.