HeliVibe HUMS Support Services


HeliVibe HUMS Services are the perfect solution for all types of HUMS users, providing a number choices of HUMS support.

For the larger operator, investing in a HUMS infrastructure using their own in-house analyst, or for the smaller operator who may wish to use HeliVibe HUMS Analysis Team to perform HUMS data review, interpretation & management.

HeliVibe Support is a dedicated service designed to deliver highly flexible HUMS support solutions that can be tailored to meet all requirements.



Utilising our years of experience, the HUMS support services are delivered by our HUMS analysts who can review and analyse HUMS data. Any potential problems are notified to the client and recommended maintenance provided to reduce downtime and improve aircraft safety and reliability.

Regardless of fleet size, customers can expect a considerable cost saving in adopting HeliVibe HUMS Services.

The training of staff is time consuming and expensive with HUMS expertise invested into a small number of employees. This expense and dependency on specific staff is removed with the use of the HeliVibe specialists.



There are considerable operational and financial benefits associated with engagement of HeliVibe HUMS Support Services:

  • HeliVibe HUMS Data Analysis
  • No resident HUMS experts needed = Reduction in operational costs
  • Consistency in data analysis
  • 24/7 support available (if required)
  • Reduced maintenance & component life improvement
  • Trend analysis & Fleet analysis performed
  • Simple, secure HUMS data transfer whilst maintaining full access to your aircraft HUMS data
  • Detailed Monthly fleet reports available
  • Auditable electronic download and exceedance clearing forms available



By investing in a HeliVibe HUMS training course, from basic initial or recurrent to more in-depth data analysis, you ensure that your HUMS system is utilised to its fullest potential in your operational environment.

All our courses are tailored to the individual customer needs.

HeliVibe is committed to continuously improving and providing a range of services to meet our Customer requirements.

For additional information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the HeliVibe website.



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Helinalysis Ltd was launched in March 2010 by Captain Mike Pilgrim to help operators set up and run helicopter flight data monitoring (HFDM) programmes. 

The Company is based near Aberdeen Airport in Scotland, UK, but has a customer base reaching across the world as far as Australia and New Zealand, the Far East, Europe, Africa and the USAWe are predominantly using the Aerobytes FDM(TM) analysis software but also have a number of customers utilising Appareo's ALERTS softwareAircraft monitored include EC225, AS332L/L1/L2, AS365N3, S92, AW189, AW139, AW109, AW169, AS350, S76D, H145 and EC145. 

The genuine benefits of running an HFDM program are becoming more widely known, but a lack of knowledge and experience in this field has been preventing operators from realising these benefits. 


Jonathan has had a lifelong passion for aviation, and a keen eye for safety after a decade specialising in Marine Logistics serving the energy sector for major North Sea producers, basing himself in and around the Aberdeen area in Scotland, UK.  Jonathan joined Helinalysis Ltd in 2021 following an invitation from Mike to join the company, looking to align his excitement for helicopters and his devotion to improving safety for others.  

Jonathan has a keen eye for technical detail, looking to improve all aspects of the business using modern technology and innovative techniques, whilst still performing the daily operational duties to remain aware of the industries challenges and trends.  

In his spare time, Jonathan utilises his PPL(A) flying light aircraft around the scenic Scottish Highlands taking friends and family into the air to let them experience the joys and freedom that aviation offers.  Jonathan also supports the RAFAC in a ground-based instructor role, educating the next generation of aviators from RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland. Inspiring passion for flying and ‘giving back’ what he learned when he first started flying in his teenage years, going solo before he could hold a driver’s licence.



Amy has a strong organisational and technical background, after nearly a decade working in various engineering disciplines serving the energy sector from drilling fluid recovery from wastewater, to subsea downhole well monitoring.  Following in the footsteps of her father, Mike, Amy has had an interest in aviation from a young age and sought to apply her skills and lessons learned from engineering and travelling offshore in the UKCS, Norwegian CS, and the Gulf of Mexico, to the aviation industry. 

Since 2017, Amy has the primary oversight of all operational aspects of the business, ensuring that the product which is delivered is satisfactory to the client’s requirements.  Amy manages our team of specialist analysts to promote safety in aviation, whilst maintaining business integrity.   

In early 2023, Amy has been on partial maternity leave to spend time with her son, Thomas, and enjoys taking her Springer/Collie cross dog out into the countryside to explore the Scottish landscapes.  Amy still has her finger on the pulse of the business, keeping the accounts in check and providing support to the rest of the team where required.



Mike Pilgrim is a commercial helicopter pilot with 25+ years experience from light single pistons to heavy twin turbines.  He is a flight safety professional specialising in Helicopter FDM, having set up and run a world leading HFDM Program which in 10 years has grown into to one monitoring over 160 medium and heavy helicopters of 8 different types flying on average 20,000 hours per month.

These aircraft are based in 17 countries on 5 continents, yet each local operation has daily access to its own flight data.  Mike has lectured on HFDM to many forums including the world renowned ‘FDM for Airlines’ course at Cranfield University.

In March 2009 he founded the Global HFDM Community bringing together over 160 people from 100 Companies with the specific aim of promoting HFDM across the helicopter industry. From the international response to this effort he went on to launch and still chairs the Global HFDM Steering Group, whose website is at www.hfdm.org

Since 2010, at the special request of the International Helicopter Safety Team, he has been a regular presenter on HFDM to the Helicopter Association International annual industry conferences in USA, and also at the CHC Safety & Quality Summit in Vancouver.

Mike is an established expert in the use of the Aerobytes FDM(TM) software and is probably the most experienced user of the software in a helicopter environment anywhere in the world. 















Helinalysis ® Provides:

Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Services


Specialist Consultation Services

Fully Hosted Flight Data Analysis Service

On Site Flight Data Analysis Service

All Helicopter Types included


Helinalysis HFDM Event graph

What is Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM)?

HFDM is the systematic, pro-active use of digital flight data from routine helicopter operations to improve aviation safety.

It is most effective as an integral part of a Safety Management System (SMS) operated within a ‘Just Culture’ environment.

HFDM programmes assist operators to identify, quantify, assess and address operational risks.


  •  Identify areas of concern
  •  Intervene with remedial measures
  •  Watch your event occurrence rates tumble


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Helinalysis HFDM


What HFDM can do for you

HFDM can provide analysis of routine flight data giving you:

  • Oversight of your operations
  • Ensure SOP compliance
  • Detailed trend analysis highlighting safety issues
  • Clear focus for your training effort
  • Animations of specific flights of interest
  • Early warning of maintenance issues
  • Assistance with investigations
  • Potential for reducing insurance fees
  • Financial savings at the bottom line


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